torek, 22. maj 2012


Hello, I'm Eva Premk, but most people know me as 'Eva Premk Monroe'. I am 16 years young and I am going to become famous and one of the best actresses one day. I am a huge fan of ROBERT SHEEHAN and TV show called Misfits. Well, I have a huge obsession on films, which is kind of not surprising.

The most important thing in my life is my dog Thor. He is the sweetest and just the best dog in the whole planet. He is a German Boxer. I got him when I was still in my elementary school and he is from Tolmin, Slovenia. I am planning to have another dog in a few years and it is going to be Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (that’s a long name I know), but for now, my life is all around Thor. I also call him ‘my little dragon’.

OH, and I just mustn’t forget about the best rabbit Armani (Armani McTrully McChicken). I got him on a farm, because I wanted a healthy bunny. Anja suggested it and also helped me choose the name for him. I got this little snowflake from my family, because I needed a friend and he is the cutest little stitch ever.

And I think you should know that I get obsessed with things so easily, like Marilyn Monroe and famous people. Next month I will probably be fangirling on someone else haha. 

OH, and I have the best friends ever. I will let you know who and how are they like in my next blog post. If you think you have best friends, you clearly haven’t met my friends. 

I am one of those people that love sparkles and that are obsessed with things that glow in the dark. I love to go outside with friends and especially my best buddy Thor. I am addicted to Youtube and one of my wishes is to make good quality videos and post them on that platform. One important thing about me is that I come from Slovenia and my English is not very good. I am only 16 and I am trying my heart out to make this possible, because I love to write. I owned 2 blogs before, but they weren’t really that serious, so I am hoping this one would be what I always wanted my blog to be.
I hope you can find here interesting things and stay for good. It will be like we are best friends, which I would love. The more the better, I guess. You can never have enough friends.

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