sreda, 23. maj 2012


There’s one special friend in my heart, and I know her from my 2nd grade. I absolutely love her! Her name is Nika and I had the best time of my life with her, with this silly girl. She has her 'stupid' moments like everybody but she is a golden friend. And now, when it’s high school, we are not together as much as we were, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t adore her as much as before, its just I miss her a little bit more and cant wait for summer this year. Dear Nika, there was never a person like you. You are my forever girl. No girl and none can replace you.

There’s also a friend whom I adore - little Pia, and hahaha I can’t even write that down, she’s so funny and so gorgeous. Our school (in Mengeš) would probably be so damn boring without her. I became a better person because of that girl. I will never forget 'stiske' or anything else. Every day, every moment was special with you. Every disagreement we had was special hahaha, and I remember when we were on the toilet and listen to people and eat M&M's. Priceless! I love you Đej, I will always LOVE YOU.

There are also these two beautiful girls. They are actually a year younger, but they are legends. They always make me laugh. I was so happy and proud when they ask me to go to their prom. I feel so lucky to be around them. Tara and Ana, life-changing persons, sunshine on my rainy day. Oh you two, you are both gorgeous!

Terezija. She is my soul mate; she is the same as me. We will both become best actresses. Possibly together. It’s like the hardest thing for me - letting you go girl. She is soon moving to Australia and I don’t know how I’ll handle it. We had great time together. I spent my favorite moments on 'Županova Micka' with you (and guys) and I think that I'll break down and cry when you will leave Mengeš. I can’t even imagine how it will be without you. I will miss you and I miss you already when I think of you not being here with me.


Anja Troha,
I have a lot of friends;
funny, stupid, retarded, gorgeous, best kind,
but of all my friends
you make me smile every day
and if someone is a real friend,
that would be you.
thanks Ajna, you really
mean a world to me.
And stop calling me FAT and RETARDED!!!
No, for real -
you are the best person I have ever met,
and bdw thanks for 'correcting' my english HAHA.
Thanks for just being you
and this will sounds wrong,
but thank god or jesus or maria or whothehell make sure we meet.
Girl, you changed my life.


oh, and just so you know tomorow my mum will bake something for school, dont worry there will be food! :'D
I just cant be serious when I write about you.. just cant!

Baby you light up my world like nobody elseeeee NANANA

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