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Ok, guys I need to tell you that my boyfriend almost begged me not to blog about him so I decided to blog about my idols today HAHA, so today will be One Direction infection, Maniacs, Linkin Park, Robert Sheehan, Misfits and persons who literally changed my life.

So first I must tell you my story. And It’s about the moment I decided to become an actress. It was probably the best moment in my life, and I still feel it everyday.

As a kid I had 'acting' lessons or let’s say I had theatre show at the end of every year. And I was in my 5th grade when I played one of the main roles in the play and it was A M AZ I N G. Show was called 'Mala in velika luna'. I spent every moment in my bed learning the script and playing and doing everything just about that play. With my 'class' we practiced every day and I made some great friendships, it was so brilliant. So, when the big moment arrived, everything went according to plan. I was in the stage playing my role like I was the sun (I played the sun). Play was without big mistakes and in the moment the play ended people got insane and gave us the biggest applause I have ever heard. My life changed - I don’t have words for it - its just… I was never happier and  in that moment when people applauded, I decided I want to do this for life, I want to make people happy.

From that day every movie I have ever watched, every word I kept in my mind and I became obsessed with watching films, and yeah it just became habit to know everything about films. I literally know every movie. I can watch one film 100 times and still I can’t get bored. And the funniest thing is that when I am watching a film I become a person from the film (a role) and when I come home I play it all over and become a person who played in the movie. It’s the best feeling. I know that’s my destiny. I know it from that day.

I am 16 years old (pretty young) but nothing has changed. It’s just that people always tell me that it’s not possible to become an actress. But that isn't true. I am going to become a star. If there’s a whole army on my way trying to stop me I will win. I will become actress. WHY? Because I am dreaming the hardest! And maybe you’re wondering why I want that. Well it’s because when I reached this - there will be someone who will admire me and want to become like me and do what I do. You may think it’s stupid but I don’t care!

So the point is that this people I admire they all allow me to have this feeling.

Lets start with Robert Sheehan (because I adore him the most)*

I first heard about him when I was fangirling on Rupert Grint and I saw a film of Rupert, Robert and Kimberley called CHERRYBOMB and it was a great movie. So I started to Google Robert and his projects and I saw a show called Misfits. If you watch it, you know it’s the best! It’s really the best show ever! You need to watch it; you wont regret it, I promise. So, it all started with that. And today I am the biggest Robert Sheehan fan. Not kidding. I ADORE him!

Next is absolutely the most gorgeous woman who clearly needs no introduction. MARILYN MONROE. A “very best” actress. Well, she changed my life and from the moment I saw her (on the internet of course) I knew that someday I will be so big. She is the best. Such a beautiful person. Sex bomb. I just saw a film My Week With Marilyn and I figured what was she like. And that didn’t stop me from liking her. It just made me love her even more. If you haven't seen it already, it’s time.. because it’s really fantabulous. Michele did a great job and I liked Emma too. Boys were amazing too. Best of the best.


I know I am describing pop, and am really not into pop, but you just got to love John and Edward. They are like super funny haha; I even named my hamster after their parrot.

But I am John’s fan, indeed.

I will continue next time, so prepare for part 2.

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