četrtek, 26. julij 2012


Ok now I am going to talk about one thing that changed my life forever. MISFITS.

Urban dictionary says:

A British television show that recently aired in November 2009 on e4.
Five young adults who are doing community service when a storm happens, all get struck by lightning and end up with a special power.
Kelly- Can hear what others are thinking; Telepathic
Curtis- Can Rewind time
Alisha- Can send people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin
Simon- Can make himself invisible,
Nathan- Left unaffected after the storm, though he is revealed to possess the power of immortality in the sixth episode.

Ok, with my words: this is a TV show. But it’s not 'just' a TV show, it’s the best TV show in the planet. It’s the funniest thing, and it can be sad and weird and scary too. It has everything. The only problem is that Robert Sheehan (my favorite actor) left this season. He was just in the first two seasons, and now he’s being replaced by Rudy. And I am one of those people that can’t let Nathan go. I hope someday he will be back. Oh and now, when the season 3 ended Alisha, Kelly and Simon left too, and now it’s just not the same. Well who stayed? Curtis, Rudi...Seth maybe? That’s 3!!! Unfuckingbelieveable. But still, that show changed my life!
Well, I have to say this: thanks to Robert for Nathan, Lauren for Kelly, Antonia for Alisha, Iwan for Simon, Nathan for Curtis, Matthew, Joseph and all the crew, you changed my life.

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