ponedeljek, 26. november 2012


I have so much memories. I have so much happy, sad, beautiful, unforgettable memories.
There are a few that i really would die for them just to relive them again. I mean look at my life. I would totally go back in the day when i first saw my little dragon. Or i would totally go back in summer 2011 or in september 2012 :) This moments are just the best i have. But there are unfortunately even bad and sad moments, that i wanted to share them with you tonight. But not because i am an atention seekeeer, but i just want to let this feelings i have.. OUT.

So me and my family were one day in the summer camp, and we met some new pretty cool people. And we became friends. Well, i was just a little girl. I was eight i think. And this is a story of how i become afraid of opened spaces or how i got Agoraphobia. So, one night i was going at the toilets at the camp and i opened the door and there was this boy there, with a knife or a razor or something. i wastnt paying atention of it.. but he was laying in the ground and all this blood and stuff. I remember that i was getting dizzy, and i couldnt breathe. I was just standing there, and looking and i couldnt moved. and this was probably the most sad moment of all my life. And then i remember myself running, and crying. And it was pure night. And i ran for my family and my phone. And they called an ambulance, and, and... i cant remember that night. But since that day I am afraid of spaces with opened doors. I freak out and i stop breathing. And i cant move. I have this picture in my mind.. of that boy and blood. And i cant delete it. I cant face my fears. Buy yeah, Its been a part of my life for 8 years now.. and i learned how to live with it. But i am still a little girl, standing there, watching someone taking his life away.

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