petek, 30. november 2012


A couple of days were really weird. I mean typical 'last year' at school. laughing hard, calling strangers, having fun, making teacher angry, just us :) ! but home! i break my poor little finger and its blue now haha, dont ask how is it even possible.. cuz if you havent met me, you dont know that, but i have a gift for this :P

And then i had actually two accidents with two grandmas. and with the first one was really creepy. She came to me and she hold me and started to yelling at me in unknown language. and then she pushed me and she didnt wanted to let me go so yeah, crazy grandma. and with the second one was another story. i was in the bus, and i was sitting and there was aloooot of people on the bus and i couldnt even moved so i was like there and i couldnt even stand up, so there was like one not grandma but older lady and i was on my phone and then she started to looking me like i am somekind of a monster for not getting her a sit. and i was like 'i cant move granny' and she was pissed and started yelling (ofc) and i was like oh please, understand and she was yelling for five minutes on me, and then i was like 'are you done' ? and she was even more pissed and then i was like I CANT EVEN MOVEEEED SO BUGGER OFF! and ahe was like OH, I CAN SEE. and then she went like i dont know where, but yeah the point is that all grannys hates me. hahah i am a trouble magnet. Last week some kind of a weird woman came to me and she was like sign this. and i was like owkaay, and she took my money from me, what the hell!? she took my ten euros hahaha! whats wrong with the world!? later she got arrested cuz she stole a lot money from some other dude, so yeah shes in jail.

Jan is comming at mines today. i miss some real time with him alone. not with all these people. but yeah, its going to be awesome. right now hes angry with me or something, i am like drinking my morning tea and now i am in the bad mood, but i will get over it, cuz a little fishy told me to just keep swimming! :) anyway, i am now gonna bugger off to have a bath. i love baths!

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