petek, 16. november 2012


There once was this girl and she said to me: you can only count on yourself. I spent 16 years and a half believing that theres always some good in each person and that you can count on your close friends. But I was thinking that I actually know three people who didnt screew up things with me. Of course they are my best friends but once I had a friend, best of all friends I will probably have and because I knew that he is 'the best' person on the planet I trusted every single dude that tried to came into my life. And I always search for something good in everyone. But now, when things got complicated, I dont believe in ''something good'' anymore. You really can just count ONLY on yourself. If you got to know me in this past months you could see that my life turned out different than what I was planning and because of it I am such a pain in the arse, but I will always be the optimistic person and I will always fight. Its just that I lost so many important things that I cant really think bright. But I will live. I discovered that there is no need for people who don't need me. And I did my past, I found my closure - Breaking down, 2nd row & i am kinda happy I did it, because now I can move on and know that I did the best to fix things and that it's not me, I am not the problem.

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