nedelja, 23. december 2012


So, holidays huuh :) awesome. But, anyway I was thinking about deep things today. What do you think about things changing. At first in a relationship is always so nice i mean, no fights, talking nice but then after i dont know few months becomes harder. First you have crush and its called 'falling in love' but after 8 months its respect and different kind of love but its important to not lose control and everything. i think me and J are doing great. i mean, i am mad at him more often and hes mad at me more than before but we are so beautiful it hurts :P ! :) i kinda like him more than alot.

''I wanna love you
But I don't know if I can.''

i actually am a person, but i find it very hard to love someone, and then i listened COLDPLAY - x & y and i found myself in it :p

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