petek, 01. februar 2013


1. I've been in Paris, Canarian Islands, Germany, Italia, Croatia, Austria and Slovenia.
2. I have a vision board all about acting.
3. I owe a Wreck This Journal, and i love doing that.
4. I am afraid of open spaces and needles.
5. I am the biggest animal lover possible.

6. I have three sisters and one brother.
7. My favourite cartoon is How To Train Your Dragon.
8. I cant wait to have my own babies ( not for at least 8 years haha, but its something).
9. I am addicted to food.
10. I used to do dancing, and cheering and playing chess.
11. I watched all harry Potter films... like ten times.
12. My favourite food is salad.
13. I found it very hard to trust people.
14. My favourte quote is Be the best version of you.
15. My life has been changed since I watched Misfits and I found out who Robert Sheehan is.

16. My favourite drink is Ice Tea, Green Tea or Aloe Vera.

17. I love summer the most.

18. I get nervous if i am alone.

19. I cant stay mad at people and i always try to make people around happy.

20. I know who I am gonna marry in a couple of years.

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