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''Why do you have this dreams about acting? Thats not realistic!''

Hello dear people. I gotta tell you that I have this crazy dreams to become a great actress one day. And that is not something you people out there need to take care of. And your opinion is kinda welcomed, but please why do you need to comment negative stuff about me becoming an actress. This are my dreams, why is there a problem. Some people like my father just had this father and daughter conversation with me and he said that i am weird and that i am lame because I want to become an actress. Well, guess what dear daddy. One day I'll be on that screene up there and you will take your words back. And then theres this boy who called me a dreamer in school. Well, you know what I AM A DREAMER! I am proud dreamer.

''You're that girl who played in that movie, aren't you?''

After my first big movie, I must say i never felt better. And some people heard about it and asked me Hey you played there. How was it? Its great to play in a movie I must say. Its a lot of fun and messing around and stuff, but its also a hard work and staying calm. We were filming like 20 second of one part like 2 hours. And its awful because you need to work with professionals and there may be some uncomfortable things. Like you may wear clothers you dont like, or work in a sun for one whole day and get really hot and you cant do nothing about it. But that is kinda a job. There is no 'NO' option. But I may describe it wrong. I met all this amazing people and we did this crazy things and we got in troubles and all that pure mindless stuff. It was the best couple of weeks of my life. If you have a chance to play in a movie, take a job. Its a hard work but its totally worth it.

''Do people know who you are now?''

No. People dont see me in the street and know who I am. I think that if you want that fame you need to do bigger and more movies. I kinda just started. And I wanna take it slow. And I wanna do movies I like. But sometimes I open my mail and I get this mail if I want to be part of this movie crew or something and that is just enough for me.

''Who is your favourite director?''

I must say I like weird films and I always admired Tim Burton's work. I know that everyone does and that I am not original. But one day I would love to play in his movies. Here in Slovenia. I must say Vouge Anžlovar. I really liked one his movie BABICA GRE NA JUG (click here).

''Who inspires you?''

Well, I get inspired from so many people:













and there are loads more.

"The thing I like about acting is being able to lose yourself completely in someone else.”
-Ellen Page

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