sobota, 30. marec 2013


‘Cap ou pas Cap’ is a very inspiration phrase to begin with. Literally translated to ‘Are you capable or are you not capable?’ Semi literally translated to “are you game or not”. Non-literally translated to are you up for it? Can you do what it takes to make your dreams come true?

cap is a (children) abbreviation of capable
cap ou pas cap ? = capable ou pas capable? are you able or not ? do you have the courage to do it?

So, if i tell you what it is.. its a childrens game. You need to be two to play it. a boy and a girl. And its a dare game. You have a totem (like a box) and the point is when you give the challenge to the other you gave him a totem. and when hes done he gave the totem with a new challenge to the other player. and there are a few rules. All i need you to do is i want you to see a movie Love me if you dare. Its a great movie.

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