četrtek, 21. marec 2013


Not so long ago, I bought these in almost every colour they had, because I really wanted to try them. I have faith in this product even though they let me down every time. They look super fantastic for like 10 - 30 minutes and then the colour surprisingly disappear. Not so awesome anymore. And I first tryed that pink one (third from left to right) and that product worked for like three days and then it was dry and not good for lips anymore. So, yeah I dont like this.

This lipgloss is by Essence and its like the cheapest thing that you can buy. I must say it is good. Its not so long staying gloss, but its great for a couple of hours. So, thats a yes from me.

Let me just say YES. Thats a really good stuff. Nars is always a yes. I really like red and pink, they are great.

That lipstick its okay. I cant say its great, but I like it. I kinda just dont like sparkels in it, but colours are really pretty.

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