nedelja, 07. april 2013


Theres loads of stuff that makes people sad or depressed or whatever you want to call it. So, I am just gonna opened this theme today and I will just share my own opinion. I said nice things to some people. Like ''Hey wanna hear a song lyrics that are beautiful? Yeah? Okay here you go *nice lyrics about caring and loving*!'' And the person was just like ''Thats really mean. You dont even like that stuff. Why would you tell me this.. youre weird.'' I mean what the f**k? Is that fair? I was just trying to be nice and make you happy.Why would you be mean to me? I havent done anything wrong here.

Ok, heres another example. I dont cook. I suck at cooking. We got a restaurant at home, and I am the only one in the family who cant even cook *embarrassing*! So, of course I wanna show you I love you. And I will get up early and make you a brekfast. I will make you eggs with bacon and orange jouice and it will even be good. I will do my best I promise. And then i wake you up and bring you my creation. And you will be grateful and you will smile and you'll hug me and winked me. And then you will start eating and you will stop cuz you'll just find out there isnt enough salt on your eggs, so you will push me away slaped me and said get out, your eggs are disgusting bitch.

SO, I WAS THINKING (shocking right HAHA)...

Some people are so damaged, that really cant see good stuff that you made for them. They are so poor, they cant even be grateful for things you do and say. Its kinda sad, cuz' they have probably been through so much s**t that they cant even act nice. I wish world would be nice. That everybody would be able to say THANK YOU or SORRY and nice stuff. That there wouldnt be so much sadness but happility (thats just a made up word for happiness.. i just made up :P) ! ...but I am just a dreamer.

Effy got it right again!

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