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As you might know I have just started obsessing over Skins. But I get depressed everytime i see some new episodes. So I have decided that everytime when i will be sad I will watch it. And two days ago I was really sad so I have watched Skins generation 2 THE WHOLE FREAKING NIGHT. So i decided to do a blog about Skins.

First of all, i must tell you what do i think about Cook, JJ and Freddie.

I will start with COOK (in the middle):
he is just a badass. I love him being so crazy and rude but at the same time can be nice and emotional. He is like brilliant, really. I like him dont give a fuck for some things. And I like his attitute when he wanted to be like school president or something. really cool. I like bad boys. But Effy still wont like him, even if BAD is her motto.

The next one is JJ (the right one):
JJ is a geeky one I would love to listen forever. Like he is so interesting. And he have a brilliant room. like a fucking scientist. And he got that weirdly adorable curly hair. I mean he is so sweet. And That sceene at Pandoras party was really good played. JJ is the best<3

So, FREDDIE (left):
not my type at all. But i must say something about him makes me love him more than others. He is so nice and also blind. And at one point a bit selfish but then again taking care and all the stuff and emotions. He is really cute aswell. He makes that weird faces that are really the cuttest. He is also (besides Effy) my favourite character of them all. He is really nice! #TeamFreffy

now my favourite of them all EFFY:
Effy is fucking beautiful. She is messed up and so broken its even more impressive. She have so beautiful eyes and I kinda like her a bit gothic clothes. I love that she plays with them all. I love the list she made.. That was really crazy. I love that even when she is in love with Freddie she will go to Cook anytime and she will hurt everybody and still wont give so much fuck. But at one point or the other she belongs to Freddie. But the fact is that Ef is looking for troubles. And Freds will have to take care of her every second. I also like a bit deep voice of hers. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EFFY.

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