petek, 28. junij 2013


I am such a nice little lady. If I could I would help everyone. But when it comes to selfish people. I can be the meanest person on the planet. Like when out teacher was screaming at me, cuz she was not plesentd by the way I was sitting on the chair and I was really not in the mood for that shit.. I literally say the meanest the wisest stuff to her, so the next day she came to me and said shes sorry so much and she didnt mean it like that, and she was like so gratefull that I was not mad at her and she even gave me better grades and liked me more haha, so that was a plus. But the point is, I am a very nice person and I wont ever hurt you if you'll be nice to me. But if youre rude to me or the people I love... theres no way we can be friends.
Like some bitches said they will kick Anja's butt the other day so I was so mad I was screaming at them so much and I would totally fuck those bitchez up. I wouldnt slap her I would kick her hard, so she would be on the ground and even then I would kick her again, cuz' there aint no fucking person who would kick Anja! I would mess her up so much she would cry! I really mean it. Shes a totally snoby mommys ass and I am so glad shes such a pussy she wouldnt say another word to Anja, cuz' she would really get some.
So theres a message BE NICE, cuz' if youre nice I will be nice to you too! simple as that. I can be a really good friend. I am really friendly. I mean I can be really friendly. HAHAHA the importnace of this blog is priceless hahaha

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