sreda, 19. junij 2013


"Are you really pregnant?"

As may people say that I am pregnant.. I should just tell you the truth. Jesus Christ send a spirit to get me pregnant yes. I am caring a God's son in me, so you people should just think about what you say. Because when my son/daughter send by God is going to be born, you will all want to be his/hers friends. So I am some kind of young version of Mary and Jan is Joseph. *so cool right?*

"Were you raped?"

Are you for real? No, I was not raped. Why would you make so nasty things up?!

"Why is everybody talking about you being pregnant?"

Because they made up that one boy raped me, but in reality he didn't. He just kissed me or whatever when I was really really drunk and unconscious. So dont ask me what happend, cuz I really dont know. But feel free to ask anyone. Just dont believe bullshit about me being pregnant and raped and being on pills or what.. because its stupid.

"What Jan said about this drama?"

Jan was really cool. He helped me fix everything, so he's being all supportive. But still mad about "that guy" who kissed me when I... you know... werent me. But Jan is great. We fixed everything about Effy and me being sad and stuff.

"How long were you in a hospital?"

Am... I guess it was one week. Like one day less or something, but I still need to do tests and stuff for finding drugs and epilepsy and boring stuff.

"You don't deserve someone like Jan!"

Haha, gee, thanks for your opinion that means so much to me.

"Who is Effy?"

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