sobota, 03. avgust 2013


NOT PRETTY ENOUGH. I know that lot of girls out there feel like they just arent pretty enough. And I know that many of those just stare at the mirror and cry because of all the ''inperfections''. Its HARD to not be proud of yourself and the way you look. No wonder why are so many girls out there depressive. because nobody told you how perfect you look with all your inperfections. and if you think you are ugly and if you feel like there are millions of better looking girls out there you are very wrong. because when you find the right person... you will figure out that he will love your imperfections and actually see them perfect. So, the worst thing you can do to yourself is that you dont carish yourself enough and that you think you are ugly. because I KNOW that you are not.

NOT THIN ENOUGH. I have just seen Cassy and her eating dissorder. And its horrible. Its just completely sad. About that I wanna tell you that I personaly had it myself when a boy called me fat. and I havent eaten for months. And it was horrible, and I never wanna relive that again. And girls, if you feel like youre too fat or something... thats just in your head and I think you should find someone to help you. Because for starters S T A R V I N G yourself is the worst thing you can do. And whats about some people that called you fat... you should never take that. You should stand for yourself and I am not trying to encourage you to kick someones ass... but you know... its an option :)

JUST NOT ENOUGH. Thats what I personaly find the hardest that can bring to many depressions and harming and just having bad thoughts. Being not enough for somebody or even for yourself. Many insecure girls have problems with that. And by many I mean L O A D S ! I think that it shows different with anyone. I thing for starters you just feel more sad than before. And then it can lead to the worst things like not sleeping enough (thats probably the worst thing that could happen to your body), not eating enough, self harm, bad thoughts, feeling like you wanna kill yourself.. and some people start just loosing thems mind.. because you are so lost that you dont know if are you either depressed or fine or insane. and thats sad. SO, i figured out that you just need to have self controle, the feeling that you are just enough, and self respect. You just need to choose to be happy. And thats sometimes hard but you need to do it for yourself!

Damn, I am so deep sometimes I cant even handle myself. HAHA

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