petek, 30. avgust 2013


We had a perfect class. We get along like siblings. Literally. And we are friends for two years now. And sadly our school decided to mix us with other classes and now me and my best friends are going to some other class with different teachers. And I must say we had the most awesome english teacher and now we wont have her anymore. Now I can truly say GIMNAZIJA MOSTE sucks! It fucking sucks that we wont be together anymore. well there are some people who suck in our class, but what can you do?! probably nothing! We are going to some other class. Maybe thats for the best. I need to correct all my books from "3.B" to "3.D". I was "B" every year. But I guess changes are good for something too. Maybe we will get better friends and better grades. I dont know. Well, theres really nothing we can do. Its just not fair. Because we had to decide who is going to "D" and who to "E" and all the bitches went to E without even discussing and put me and Anja to D! HERE YOU GO... real friends. Great friends. All of them rather take care of their asses than seek for justice. Who could blame them.. they truly are great friends (I hope you find a sarcasem there). Well enough about school.

We are having a project (our family) and its getting my room bigger. And I am gonna do a room project days blog. And my next blog is going to be that. probably :) Love you! x E x

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