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I was thinking what to write about today, and I couldnt figure it out untill my mom came and was really mean to me and start being a complete mood freak. Anyway what you should know about my mom. My mom is a singer. She works here:

She is 37 years old and have three daughters. First one is me (Eva Premk) second one is Ana Pia Premk and the third one is Astrid Mila Popivoda. My mom has been re-married last year. She has been married with my dad Blaž for 12 years and then they got divorced 2004. And my mom thought she would never find her true love again. Wrong. In 2011 she met this guy named Miloš and soon she got pregnant again so they decided that is time to marry eachother. They are probably meant for eachother because they look like they really are in love. Even throught they fight once in a while.

This is a photo of her wedding day.
 Let me tell you about her family. She is married with Miloš and he was used to a football player but he got some injuries so he had to quit. Now he is working somewhere else. He is a big animal freak and right now they are together cooking a dinner.  This is Miloš with baby Mila:

She also has three daughtes (as I said). me and since you already know me I will just tell you about my two sisters. The older one is Ana. She is just a little bit annoying but beautiful little girl. She likes music and videogames. She adores horror movies and sharks. And the younger one is Mila. She is just a baby. Not even one year old. And she is the most adorable human being on this planet.

My mom drives the lamest car in the planet. Yes toyota is a japanese car and it should be very good. But I LITERALLY HATE IT. She used to drive one of my favourite brands Honda. it was a brilliant car. I loved it so much.

We live in Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia and we live in apartment which we all hate accept my mom is obsessed with it. We have a dog and a bunny. Actually I have a dog and a bunny. Thor and Zoella. Its a miracle that my mom let me have them because she is alergic and she is secretly afraid of dogs (she just wont admit it). She is actually a great mom, just not right now, because she wants me to wash dishes.

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