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When I was in my first year of highschool (now I am going to third year) we went to the most beautiful city in the world. Imagining Paris was so different then reality. the first second when we arrived I fell in love with it. It was night. And everything was so much better than a dream. Paris at night is so beautiful. And when we woke up in the morning we went eating this cute brekfast ane then we just went exploring the real thing. We went to see MONA LISA.

This is me and my little sister Ana Pia

The actual photo

Me doing the same as everybody (I am not special)! But I have the most awesome t-shirt.

As you can see the whole Paris wanted to see mona Lisa. This is the crowd and the line.
And of course we went to the most amazing aquarium I have been so far. I saw loads of sharks and amazing sea animals and it was one of the most awesome things from the trip. I love sea so, thats why.

And one of the most awesome things STARBUCKS. I have been most excited to go there, because well, in Slovenia Starbuck doesnt exists just yet (probably never will) and everybody was talking about it and I was super excited.

And we went to Disney world. They have the most cute Brother bear toys, but my mom didnt let me buy it because she thinks that i have too many toys so, ONE DAY I AM gonna have that cute bear.

And we also went to Eiffel tower and the drive there was really exciting, so here are just the rest of the pictures (of course not all, because I have so many of them). But my favourite thing there was when it was raining in the morning and everybody went to coffee shops and it was so beautiful.

On the way there (Germany) there was a lake and hundreds of hungry birds.

This is how they looked like.

First wiev of this awesome Eiffel tower. When you are up there its kinda scary but also very charming

It was kinda dangerous if you had food.

I dont know whats with my white weird face, but this was taken wehn we drove there.

I was very into chess as you can see.

Me and Ana Pia. I have no idea where this was. probably disney world, but I am not sure.

And OF COURSE me being a fangirl.
Paris is the most beautiful city in the planet <3

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