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I watched Skins generation 3 long long time ago, but I never knew how to start or how to put this blog in words. I watched all series of skins MULTIPLE times. In first series and till the end I fell in love with Effy and mostly generation 2, because of the whole thing Effy-Freddie-Cook-JJ and everyone else too. BUT something about gen 3 makes me love them too. And this is my explanation of feelings and emotions while watching it for each one of them.

She is the main reason I love watching it. Mini is such a bitch, she dare too much. She is like the most horrible person you could meet, but she struggles with so much pain. We can see that shes been overobsessive caring about her weight and she is just not able to accept her being pregnant. She is fragile and loveable at the same time. She is really beautiful, and all she needs is to be the center of attention, which is hurting her over and over again. She thinks that only few people are good enough for her and others are complete losers.

Where is Mini theres Alo. Farm boy. He is literally a proper farm boy, he is always messy and he dares alot, he kinda reminds me of Cook in some ways, but Alo is sensitive and can be really loving and caring. He does that weirdly cute face sometimes, and he is THE ONLY ONE who can keep up with Mini. And lets just take a moment and admire the gingerness of his PLUS his dancing! :)

She is lovely. Grace is beautiful, and always positive and most of all happy. She is that one friend that no matter how hard it gets will always find something to be happy about. I was literally overemotional with laughter when I saw mr.Blood being her daddy :P And besides, He and Rich are meant to be. I was really sad when she died. I cried like a little baby. Not our little Grace! I felt so horrible for everyone but especially for Richard.

At first (when he had like long hair) I hated him, he was mean and weird and just awfull. He was mean to Grace and I hated that the most, but as soon as he kissed Grace and cut off his hair (OH MY GAY ITS JUSTIN BIEBER HAHAHAHA) I liked him.

I loved her from the very begining. Shes ODD! strange. weird. And I love that about her, she is different and in season 6, she had like Luke (Joe Cole) and I was blown away. I mean the most awesome guy. I loved it.

I gotta comment Luke as well, because I liked him the most. Not just the look, but his caracter as a ''BAD BOY'' hes so annoying and he wont let franky go that you just want to go there and punch him in the face but that also makes him perfect for her. Its awesome because of him. And he got really nice british clothes in my opinion. Like that green coat of his. Love it! HIS VOICE!!!

I am sorry I am not gonna discuss Liv, Alex and Nick and his brother, I actually do find them interesting and all, but not so much as the rest. You know there are some people who really stand out and some who just dont. But its different for every one. I love skins, and I will always love it.

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