torek, 01. oktober 2013


As being me, only me, Eva Premk I can tell you how do I feel about movies with happy endings. I think they are okay. In the end of a movie you are really happy and you get the feeling like you wanna be the person in that movie, to be this happy, to fing yourself a boyfriend/husband like that boy in the movie. Really great, being happy. Why not?! Some people or let me say MOST OF ALL PEOPLE on this universe will more likely to go see a very funny romantic comedy than drama with sad ending.
But not me.
I love movies like for example: ATONEMENT, THE TIME TRAVELERS WIFE or REMEMBER ME and movies like that. When the main caracter dies in the end and it changes the whole story. Thats what I like. I think that everyone has their own opinion in movies and everyone is allowed to watch exactly what they want, so I am not trying to say that I find happy movies boring or awful, I just have that special power that I can predict the ending at the begining (and I believe that many of you have that special gift too) and I like to watch sad movies because I fell kinda sad at the end, but also very happy. It may sounds wrong but the thing is that movies like that are making me think a lot. About life and future, and past. I can easily fall into them. And then I cant escape..

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