sobota, 02. november 2013


I have a secret and its awfull. And I am hiding it just because I am stubborn. Not that I wont let it go, it wont let me go. I cant tell it to J, because he is not telling me his big secret as well. And it is bothering me alot. But theres nothing I can do. He wont tell me no matter what. I tried believe me.

My sis just came and told me that she dropped her phone into the toilette. I said put it somewhere so it can dry out and she went to clean the card and she dropped that too. That just proove that its not the right time for her because its like 00.30 in the morning and I am not tired at all, but shes deadly tired. She can barely talk or walk. But she will manage.

Tomorrow I have to study history. Its gonna be fun. HAHA, not really. I am not excited at all. I feel like this history is going to be awfull. I have no idea why. I am probably gonna pass it with grade 2! thats 50% or more correct things in a paper. Thats really impressive haha. But I worked on history a lot and I listened an write down everything so I shouldnt have a problem. Oh, yeah I havent even blogged about my grade at physics and I was the second best in class. Thats a huge deal for me. Ofcourse Melanija (my friend) is the best hah, she is awesome and have all the best grades AND she plays basketball. Shes obsessed with Salin or whatever he is. I just had to mention it, because I really hear his name a lot when shes around.  HAHASorry melonija.

I think I am gonna go to bed. I mean I already am, but i think I am gonna go to sleep. So goodnight folks. I love you a lot, The most <3

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