sobota, 07. december 2013


Yesterday we (me and Jan) went to the cinema. And of course we watched HUNGER GAMES. It is unbelievable! This movie is awesome and I am in love with it. Its is one of the best movies I've ever seen! I love movies that are kinda special and represent an unike own story. You know thats why I dont like romantic hollywood movies, because they all end the same and that bothers me. You know I think hunger games is sort of in the same ''area'' as inception, harry potter, twilight, avatar. They all share something different and thats good. I personaly dont like twilight because I never give it a chance and because it was so much talking about edward and jakob and everything, but I bet its good. I watched Avatar and Inception is my favourite movie of all time. But I guess its gonna share a no.1 spot with the hunger games. I really love Jennifer and Josh and everyone, its so good. YOU need to watch it. You will never regret watching it. So yeah, I am heading to the seaside. Love you xxxx

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