četrtek, 27. februar 2014


I just got a new phone. Here is a picture for you.

Right now me and Anja are in class, bored the most. She is searching for hotels and hostels and places to stay in Reykjavik, Iceland. She found an appartment full of washing machines. I havent really discuss that here, but for a new year in 2015/16 we are going to Iceland. The whole point is to see northern lights and have fun. Its really exciting. Anja is currently buisy with her phone. Probably shes just texting Pina Maja. Shes just having spanish lessons and shes watching a cartoon. Very hard working in our school as you can see.

Did you know that me and Anja have something for gingers. We always start laughing when we see one and stare at eachother and them. Just a random fact for you stalkers haha :)

Anyway, I wanted to say... OH yeah. I started watching GAME OF THRONES.

I got a thing for ARYA, well.. who doesnt?! Sansa and Joffrey really pisses me off a lot. Especially that little boy. I just wanna go there and kill him myself. #NoLife #ScreewJoffrey #TeamArya


My lesson is soon going to end, so I must say goodbye now:*

x E x

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