četrtek, 08. maj 2014


četrtek, 08. maj 2014


I will start this blog with a post about lyrics of this song.

I got life, I got love,
I got faith and that's enough,
we feel sorrow, we feel pain,
But theres sunshine after rain,
So, I am alright.

I am feeling really happy for having as great friends, as this. I mean they are absolutely fabulous and awesome, like my second parents haha. Fila is my dad, Mel is my mom, David is my uncle, Pina is my protective brother and Anja is my new boyfriend haha. Who could possibly imagine a better family?! who could possibly be happier than me. I love my life and the people in it.

I am not giving up on life, I promise you. SO, there are some important steps for me and plans for my better life.

1. my future grades:

2. I am gonna blog more and do more videos.

3. I will eat more healthy food and drink more water.

4. I am gonna be a god damn actress

5. I will go to AGRFT no matter what it takes, I will do my best.

6. I am gonna marry someone abroad and move there in like 5 years.

7. I will erase people who only mess with me and not take me for who I am.

8. I am gonna study so much more and I will have better grades than Mel haha.

9. I am gonna take the best care for my Thor and Rosie.

10. I am gonna do stuff I love in my free time.

11. I am gonna do more photography.

12. I am gonna be a terminator (by Fila) HAHA.

13. I am gonna hang out with my friends.

14. I am gonna get a driving licence.

15. I am gonna save money, now that I can.

Today I realised I am really good on my own, I am great. I have everything I ever wanted and I don't need people stoping me anyhow. I will never give it up. The finest things in life came to me for free. I am a really amazing girl, and whoever is gonna leave me is the biggest unfortunate for him, because no other girl is like me. Thats all. But boys I am free, come and get me. hihi, kidding.

love, Eva 
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nedelja, 04. maj 2014


nedelja, 04. maj 2014


This lovely lady is my new best friend. She is only a baby, but she is the nicest turtle in the world. She is a greek turtle and she loves taking baths. I named her Julie Rosie. She is from Slovenia, and she has now a big family and lovely friend Thor. 
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petek, 02. maj 2014


petek, 02. maj 2014


I felt like I am missing something, I felt like I was missing life. But the honest fact is that I am going to be 18 in few days and  I have my life all sorted out. I have a crazy boy, crazy friend, crazy life we could say, but yet I felt like I was missing out. Before I was a life of every party, I was crazy, but now I am not anymore, I rather sit home and do a blog haha, yes its true. I felt like I wanted to be something I am not. Maybe I wanted to be a party girl, because you forget about stuff for some time, but I realised that in the morning I always woke up sober and back with my problems, probably bigger.

I had this regrets in life, this boy I always wanted to return to, as friends, but I realised that I dont really need him, I dont even want him anymore. I thought that he was the only one who was listening to me and who could save me. But I think that Jan is doing that job better than anyone. Somehow this feeling still wont go away, I am still not happy. I still seek for crazy stuff. Its probably the way I am, and everytime Jan tries to pull me away from it, I start to feel like he is just trying to pull me away from the real me. But then in the moment I realise that thats not real me. You see I am in between being a good and a bad girl. Sometime I wake up the way that even devil says ''shit, shes up'' and sometimes I am like today I am gonna be productive and I ran doing some lists about my plans. Its confusing. But its the way I am. Nobody can change me. I want to be at least happy with the way I am, but somehow I feel like Jan is keeping that away from me. But I know he means good. The best actually. If anything would happen to me again he would probably break down.

On the other note, I want to be the greatest actress. I want to travel the world. I mean if I could just move away, that would be cool. If I could forget the past here and move on the other side of earth, that would make my life worth everything. I would be happy. But instead I am stuck in a place I dont even belong. And I cant do anything about it. Jan said I need to wait. But another day here is slowly killing me. Its hard, because I always think for myself that IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SOMEWHERE, JUST MOVE. Its not that hard, as everyone is saying it is. Otherwise nobody would do it. I mean look at my best friend, she moved in Australia and shes is happier than here.  I think she is so brave. She is actually gonna do something for her. She is going to be great. And look at me I could still become actress when I will be 90, right? I want to do it now, because I know I can. I can be great. Just nobody would let me go, do crazy stuff. I mean everyone is keeping me here. I started to believe that I was a failure, that I cant do it. But I know that If i get that one chance, I can. I will show them. I am that kind of a person, I long for it so much.

Because being an actress here, in Slovenia isnt enough for me. I wanna be so much more, and they dont get it.
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