sobota, 21. junij 2014


Summer is right here and I decided to keep myself busy. As you might know already I am dreaming to become an actress. And currently I am really excited to tell you about my projects this summer/autumn.

I got a chance to play one of the ''big roles'' in a project called Jošt. I am working with this young group of people. And we are creating a youtube series about this boy called Jošt. It is fun, because we get along well, and is also challenging, because of our roles. Like I mean characteristics. I play a caracter that is not similar to my personality at all, and thats fun. I am working with this group here:

I am also gonna star in this short romantic comedy movie. This is even more challenging role for me to play, but you will see, I am not gonna tell. I will probably include my dog in it as well, I am even more excited for that haha. I am also gonna create a new blog for this particular movie. The link will be in my next blog post, so you will all go check it out.

PHOTOSHOOT with Tinkara
Tinkara stayed at mines for a few days and we had so much un with taking pictures in fields and at night and stuff like that. I am not gonna show you much just one picture, that I liked. I hope she won't kill me for posting this, but I like it a looooot.

Now this is just a quick two projects shortly described that I am working on with all this amazing people. I have this amazing opportunity to learn so much about what I love, and I am very grateful for it.

love, Eva

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