ponedeljek, 01. september 2014


I woke up really early, because it was the first day of school. I was really happy and excited, because I thought I will see Jan. You know that stupid fantasies girls have? I thought Jan was going to wait for me outside, take me to a bakery or something and then take me to school. I mean how cute could that be. Ha, could! Oh well, as soon as I walked to go to the bus I was feeling a bit down. There was no way I could enjoy the first day of school. I hate school. I only love a few people from it. And by few people I only mean Anja, Pina, Mel, Fila & David. But it was actually okay. We had fun in our own weird way. Ad we actually didn't have classes, which is impressive, because Moste (my high school) is well known to torture students even on their first day.

I still have to do some things for school. Mostly unimportant stuff, like mark my books or even decide which notebook I will use for a certain subject. Something most girls enjoy to do, you know... its our deal, its what we do. Then I went out to the center of Ljubljana, to go a little shopping, maybe get something to eat with my best girls. The weather was actually awful, until like right now. Now its sunny, but it was raining before. But we got plenty of stuff. Like I bought myself a neon markers and some pencil case essentials. Then I went to meet Tinkara. We had our deep conversations, you know us. Typical girly stuff. But I feel like she's one of the rarest people who actually get me, you know... she gets what I am trying to say and she tries to help, even if she can't. 

Now I am home, I fed Thor & Rosie. Gosh, the vacations influed really badly on me. When I am in school and just basically away, all I could think of is how much I miss them. Thats crazy, because I am turning into a tortoise lady, like a cat lady, but its tortoise.

And it couldnt be me, if that post wouldn't include a very depressing ending, right? Well, I just feel like the people that appreciated me before and loved me, care less and less about me everyday. I don't know maybe its just a feeling. Or maybe I just really changed. Anyway, thats my blog post for today. I love you all x 

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