sreda, 03. september 2014


Hello my lovely readers!
As you notice my blog needed a change. It was about time to turn my ice cream template to something less summer themed. I decided that I should totally ask my own special designer Anja Troha for advice and she suggested to change it to owls. I love owls and foxes. I think it looks quite pretty. Of course if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. 

Today was quite fun but exhausting. It was my third day of school and I still admit that I don't have enough energy and concentration to spend 9 hours studying in school. I really love summer vacations and thats because I can actually afford a long careless sleep. And that is very important to me. As a part time blogger and a part time vlogger, being weird is kinda my job, my thing. I write blogs really strange. I have a whole preparation and a list of things to do before, after and in the middle of writing. For instance, I absolutely can't write if there is not coffee involved, and of course I can't stand the noise, so I manage to do it when my family is out, and because I loose my will very quickly, I have a special treats for myself from myself. That sounds a bit weird. But when I want to write some things down on the internet, I want to do it because I like it. And I only like it, when I speak to all of you. I always write like we are talking to each other, because we are. I tell you things about me, and you sometimes write me a mail, or talk to me on social medias and even you recognise me in person. And I love meeting every single one of you. I think that you all are a reason why do I try hard about blogging. I know I am not very good at it, because I never talk about some certain themes like others do. But I just like to write about things I know. 

I just downloaded Finding Carter. I am a big fan. I love Kat from Skins and she makes her new TV show amazing, she is so talented. Every actor from Skins is, actually. But lets be honest, I get attached to so many series and movies and characters, its not even special anymore. When Jan came we watched Teen Wolf, which was out since Monday or should I say Moonday. I absolutely adore Lydia. If you share my blog or give it a like or tell me maybe, I will do a characters review for Teen Wolf like I did for Skins Two Generations (which you might know that is my most viewed post yet). And I like writing reviews, because I like to gossip a bit and that a great opportunity to come clean how I feel about Stiles and Malia and mostly Lydia. But lets not forget Allison, Isaac, Scott, momma McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, Parish, Kira, Derek, Peter, Argent family, others and my absolutely favourite THE VETERINARIAN. That guy is awesome. I love him.

Well, I think that was enough for today, I love you the most. Goodnight, sleep tight and we will talk tomorrow :*
- Eva

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