četrtek, 04. september 2014


My day started okay, turned to be awful but still ended nicely. I went to McDonalds with Anja and Pina and I got an ice-cream maker thing.  I ordered a Happy meal and a chocolate - orange ice cream. That is literally the best thing I have ever eaten.

The more I go to school, the more I hate it and thats a fact. I still need to buy books for this year and we will probably go tomorrow with friends, otherwise I will ask Jan to take me.

I just started a project for Jan's 19th birthday, which is in November and I am going to make it amazing. I planned all up, and I got this really amazing stuff. You know we always make this big events special. For instance we are having our second anniversary in 6 days, and Jan volunteered to prepare something, because I prepared something for our first anniversary.

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