sobota, 04. oktober 2014



I love summer, but the fact that I can now officially wear sweaters makes me feel very warm inside. Even though that its still very warm outside, the calendar tells me that there is nothing wrong with sweater and a collar blouse underneath it. And I get to wear all the warm scarves which are my favour accessorise. I even get to put on a baggy hat when I have a bad hair day, and nobody will even be bothered with it. Not to mention my madly obsession with tea and coffee. I love them so much. Especially linden flavoured tea and maybe orange and cinnamon flavour. Homemade coffee is and will always be the best. Caramel slash chocolate slash cream coffee can beat any other. The fact that leaves turns red and yellow is perfect for taking great photos. My favourite holiday is Halloween and the fact that in Slovenia we don't really dress up never stopped me before. This year I am going to a dress up halloween party for sure. Lets not forget THE boots which are my favourite thing to wear besides All stars. To really sum up everything I this that this is a perfect time for us lazy people, because nothing will ever beat the coassiness and snuggling into a warm bed with a boyfriend. Everything is spinning so slow. The way I like it. Even studying is pleasant with just a cup of hot tea and biscuits and warm blanket. But that doesn't mean I will study more than the other seasons, don't get me wrong haha. I just love Autumn.  

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