sobota, 18. oktober 2014


I can't understand why would anybody even date me haha. But seriously, there are so many sacrifices if you wanna be with me. Lets take a quick look at it;

 I am so weird (you can figure that by yourself, no need to mention the fact that I am probably the weirdest person someone can hang out with). I am the only person who gets a heart attack when see a 'glow in the dark' thing. There is literally no thing in the world that would not glow in the dark and I wouldn't own it. If you come to my room you can't be nothing but amazed from all the glowing.

➳ I am not afraid of open spaces. I am afraid that if doors are open I will die. I am afraid I am not safe in the place where I can see the other side of the door. I see it all again. So, my boyfriend has to close the doors every time he moves somewhere and trust me if he doesn't I literally loose my mind. But it gets easier if I have a company, I can be in open spaces if there is people in it too. Which is a plus in school.

➳ If I see an animal, I just need to adopt it. By that I don't only mean cute puppies or kittens, I mean insects too. If I see a caterpillar don't even waste your time trying to convince me that outside world is better for her, because I don't even care what do you have to say about it. I even wait for them to become butterflies and then put them outside. Usually they became moths, but I don't care. The same goes with frogs. I used to go to the pond and took out tadpoles and raise them to frogs. I mean, what can I say I am going to be a great mommy haha.

➳ I was looking how are baby frogs called in english and I found out of this website ( which I found very funny. I mean, who knew that a male duck is called Drake haha. Can you not.

➳ I am obsessed with youtube. I probably spend more time on it than with a boyfriend or in school. I know all the latest youtubers videos. I even watches all Tv series. I love fan videos.

➳ I talk about Tv series 70% of the time. Especially of Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Skins, How I Met Your Mother, Misfits, Awkward, Finding Carter, Faking it, American Horror Story, The Carrie Diaries, Arrow, Gossip Girl, Supernatural and probably some more.

➳ I keep tight to my past. By that I mean that my past, good or bad, still affects my current life. If there was something really bad that happened 10 years ago, I still think about it almost every day. The same goes for good things, its not just bad. And that is usually giving a hard time to my boyfriend.

➳ If I like an actress, I will become more and more like her. That could be really annoying. Sometimes even extreme.

➳ If I want something, I will annoy you so much you will say yes. You might be the persistent person in the world and I will still change your mind. I will give you a really hard time when I will decide I want to move away or out of Slovenia. It can be impossible. But only because I really want to go.

➳ Bad cooking. I am so horrible at making something to eat. But only because I really hate it. We have a restaurant at home and all the food making is really an enemy to mine. That doesn't mean that I don't like to eat food, because I do. I love food more than anything. Food and Sleep!!!!

➳ I can fall asleep in less than a minute. I have no idea how is this possible but if someone says go to sleep, I can actually do that in a second. If you pet me, you just made a huge mistake because thats a recipe of how to put Eva to sleep. I don't even need a comfortable seat or pillow and awful positions never bothered me anyway hah. If my bf is driving at night, and he feels sleepy, there is no way I can stay awake and talk to him. I hate that but I can't change it.

➳ I always wanted to be an actress, but lately my interest has change to profoundly disturbing things. I am thinking to become an archaeologist or flight attendant. I don't know what happened but I really like that idea. Of course I would like to be an actress, but maybe I don't like that so much as I used to. I love filming, and I love performing, but this business is literally impossible. It takes my whole energy to the point where everything seems pointless, and I know that thats the way it is if you want be that, but I like it less and less everyday. Its not the point that I don't feel inspired, its just I feel like I want to do so many other things and acting can always be my side escape. And because of this confusion I fight a lot. I feel a bit confused, because I don't think my friends and family understands me.

➳ I sing bad once I get comfortable to people. I can say that I sing quite good for not so higher standards but when I feel like I can do everything around someone, I will sing to you all the time and I will sing badly. I can also be very shy if you ask me to sing something. I can sing as long as you don't ask me to sing. Thats sounds really confusing.

There are more things, I would like to tell you about, but I am just getting ready to go out, and I need to clean my messy room, and then I might do my room tour / closet tour. FINALLY!

bye <3

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