ponedeljek, 29. december 2014


Hello everybody & welcome back to my blog!

It has been a while since I talked to you, but today I sat down with you for a reason.

First thing
For this blog I wished to get 1.000.000 views & I need all of you to reach that goal in 2015! I say who is with me?! I am very excited about it and I wanted to represent you a plan on whats going to happen here, if you're up for it? Okay, you can definitely expect a room tour, how I do my hair, 25 things I can't live without, a normal day of Rosie&Daisy, you can also expect a lot of new templates, lots of pictures and lots of coffee. I would be really pleased if you would send me any ideas here on my mail evapremkmonroe@gmail.com! Name anything you want to read & I will do it. You are more than welcomed. And I shouldn't forget about my lovely readers who sends me Facebook messages, asking me questions, I love every single one of it. 

Second thing
If you want to see my New Years Resolutions on every subject, not just blog-related, you can check my video this evening (at about 8-9 o'clock in Slovenian time) and go say hi. You know, you really inspire me so much by telling me all your stories & I could never do what I do if there wasn't for you. I have a courage to post myself talking in english just for your entertainment and it makes me incredibly happy that you support everything I do, I can't tell you enough, but I am really grateful.

Third thing
If you have a blog/youtube channel and you live somewhere in Europe, not too far from Slovenia, I would love to collaborate with you. Even for ideas, for blog posts, youtube videos, so don't be afraid to ask, I am a very friendly person. I swear I decided to collaborate with you this year, just because I think thats a great idea to meet new people with the same interests and just share my opinion and see what others think about. It could turn out great, so please, don't be shy.

Forth thing
I hope we all stay connected in a following years and support each other. Do good and good will happen to you to. I will always be here to bright your day, sometimes even sadden (if thats a word) it, but its important that you always find things that makes you happy. And don't worry, I am not going anywhere, because this makes me happy. Despite of hard days, its totally worth it. And all I am trying to do is inspire you to start expressing yourself and start living life to the fullest. Your happiness is extremely important and I wish you to have the most happy year. I love you all ;*


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