sobota, 13. december 2014


Everyone knows that one song, that is playing on the radio literally every hour. Its called Budapest. I liked that song, not too much, but its a good song. I never expected this is actually a song from a young man. I couldn't connect his voice to his age and look. He sings amazingly! I wouldn't be such a fan of only one good song from an artist. But as soon as youtube suggested me his other songs, I couldn't stop listening to it. I swear, every song is better than the previous one. I must say that simplicity of his videos is just so fitable to his style. The fact that his voice relaxes me, is nothing strange. I could listen to his songs all day long (which I actually do, don't underestimate me). I strongly suggest you to listen his songs:

  • Blame It on Me
  • Listen to the Man
  • Cassy O'
  • Benjamin Twine 
  • Leaving it up to you..
I was bought in a matter of seconds. 

My mom is a singer and I made her listen to his songs and she said that he has an amazing voice and technique, so you should trust her, because she is never wrong. + If that won't convince you, his face will. ;)

Just look at that face:

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