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Hello everybody & welcome back on my blog!

Today I am going to be talking about negative experiences with male population and just things that I don't like about them. I believe I already wrote about that like last year or two years ago, but let me just say that I change my opinion a lot, so this could be considered as an update. Lets begin now.

1. Dressing inappropriate. There are men who no matter the importance always put on a sweater and sweat pants. I mean please, we are going on a romantic date and I am wearing a dress and be all fancy and you look like you are wearing your pyjamas. Like, can you please learn, when to put jeans and nice shirt on. That would be lovely.

2. Know what to say, when we are feeling vulnerable. If I am upset, because O2L broke up, you are not supposed to say "Its for the best" or "Thank god". Like you are here to understand me and comfort me or whatever, just don't make me mad if I am already sad. Because if you make me mad I will be bitchy for the rest of the day. 

3. They sometimes don't understand. No matter how hard sometimes gets, they don't seem to understand how we feel. Its like they are made of steel and nothing can bring them down. And sometimes I find it hard enough to explain and if you don't understand why would I be upset about it, it just doesn't help me at all.

4. They make you feel bad. If your man hangs out with other males you can become an easy target for his weird humour. Sometimes they say something bad to you in the name of a joke, but as soon as you say something back to them, they are like "thank you" and put a sad face on. Like, what... how did that happened. I thought girls were sensitive, but no, we are not.

5. Don't break up with them and go to the same party as them and get drunk. Its not that you would want to go back together. But do you know that saying when couple broke up the first month the girl cried but after that month she was fine and boy started to feel horrible.. Its like it hits them a bit later. And trust me they have evil thoughts on what are they going to do to you. That is all I am going to say.

6. I just don't know what are they trying to tell ME?! I know that girls are complicated and all, but sometimes they just have this idea in their head and they just want you to already know it, without them even telling you. And basically I don't have the power to read mind & that can be a problem.

7. They don't want to watch sweet & romantic Christmas movies ON CHRISTMAS DAY. That may be the cruelest fact there is, but its 100% true. As hard as I try to make christmas romantic and easy-going, we just have to have an argument and end up watching movies where other people are thrown into wood-machines and there is blood everywhere.. Yes I am talking about GOD DAMN FARGO. I mean how crazy can you be to give a lady to watch Fargo on Christmas. 

8. That fact is not true for everybody, but in my case, my man is very organised and likes to do things immediately. And I am a very lazy person and like to wait till the last second to make something, but not when he is around, OH NO, I have to do it in the same second. Which is mostly a good fact, but if you ask me in that moment ITS NOT A GOOD FACT AT ALL!

9. They don't want to watch TV series with me, if its not Game of Thrones. I mean, don't get me wrong I LOVE GOT, but I also love Skins & Teen Wolf haha.

10. I hate that these imperfection makes them perfect. I can surely say for my bud, that he is not perfect, but I wouldn't change a single thing about him, which is kind of cheesy, but to be honest I don't care. I swear that I would be so bored if there wasn't for them.

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