nedelja, 25. januar 2015


This is a romantic comedy movie, which is one of my favourites and therefore I give it 5/5 stars in the beginning. Main stars are Michael Douglas & Diane Keaton. And the whole movie is about getting the best out of complex situations. Oren (Douglas) is a grumpy old man and Leah is a very simpatic singer, or at least she is trying to be. And they have a few things in common. They are neighbours and they both lost a spouse. But as soon as they get an unusual visit, they have to work together. I am not going to say more. I just love both Douglas & Keaton, because they act so good. For me its like watching old movies, because I remember when I watched their movies when they were younger. I remember when I was little and I watched pictured of Diane getting an Oscar, daily. So, they definitely are a big inspiration to someone like myself.

And besides, the fact that they gather such an amazing actors together for a romantic comedy is a brilliant idea. My favourite scene was the one with a butterfly.

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