sreda, 28. januar 2015

COMFORT a.k.a. Tis me, TJ

Today is Australia day. It is well known as a day when Australians watch cricket, drink, wear Australia- themed clothing, drink some more and then some more and do a bunch of stupid stuff like TP each others cars and houses and make a whole lot of noise.
I recently bought a dress with Australian flag on it and my boss allowed me to wear it today as a special occasion. It's a public holiday and everything was closed except for the Patisserie I work at because it is owned by an Italian couple and we were extremely busy. We had a couple of specials like Patty's special Lamintons which were absolutelly amazing. It's not just food, in my opinion it's art. Back to the dress. I got it for $16 at Trade Secret and as I said to my friend Jellie: "I would wear any flag for $16." And so I bought it. The problem with the dress it's that it is a strapless one. With the lovely dress goes a very uncomfortable bra and because my boobs are (as are Eva's as I remember) a bit on the bigger side I struggled big time to work and constantly pull my bra up at the same time. But you see, I was invited to a barbecue (I know it's a clishe, Australians are well known for their barbecues) later on in the day and a week ago when I bought the dress I thought it would be really funny to wear it the whole day on the count of me being foreign and everyone loving my attempts to seamlessly assimilate into Australian culture (and failing). This boy that I like was invited as well and because he is the reason I've been feeling phisically nauseous for two weeks now I didn't really know what to do. I was super nervous (and nauseous) before I went and I could not be bothered to put the dress back on.
There was this big question that I had to answer for myself.
Would I rather:
a) Go to the party wearing my dress, looking hot but also a bit slutty and risk getting into a situation where I have to play cricket in a dress that keeps collapsing in my boob region because of all the weight or
b) wear a really comfortable bra and something unattractive over it and eliminate the option of public embarrassment involving me falling over and expose my underwear to a group of (one year) older and therefore supperior year 12s.

Also I was really tired and as I said feeling sick. I went to my room and just sat in front of my mirror for a while. Then I realised I don't actually remember his face that well and said 'F*** it, I don't give a f***' (but only in my head because I don't swear), stood up, got my biggest and comfiest bra and a very thin jumper/sweathery type of thingy (because it's Summer here, and it's hot but it still covers my boobs and my butt and everything in between and it's massive) that I got for my last birthday in Slovenia and also slept in a couple of times last week and decided to wear it with my denim shorts. "Bring it on, Straya day!" I said as I picked up my TimTams (typically Australian biscuits) and left the house.
When I saw the guy's face and realised I want his babies it was too late for me to change my mind and I think it was definitely the right call I made because I was super comfortable all night and didn't have to worry about my bra showing or my boobs hanging too low or anything. I didn't have a tone of fun because the tingle and the nauseousness got worse and I also got all hyper and didn't eat anything but it was nice to hang out with my friends.
If anyone is interested, I did not talk to the boy. I am in fact too shy and am still working on it. Sorry.

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