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Hello everybody & welcome back on my blog!

There are many of you, who have straight and thick hair, so therefore this blog post might not be entirely for your hair, but it definitely helps me struggling with my curly and a bit messy hair. 

My Washing Routine
I wash my hair from 4 to 5 days and I don't know if thats a lot or not much at all, but I like my hair a lot even after 4 days. I use a shampoo & conditioner Diplona Proffesional, and I just apply the shampoo twice and conditioner once, but I do mix Diplona Conditioner & Garnier Ultra Doux (honey) mask together and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, depends how much time I have. I sometimes feel like my ends are a bit dry, that is why I use shampoo for dry hair. It does quite work for my hair. 

What I Do Before Washing My Hair
I use Yves Rocher Hair Oil one night before I wash my hair, because it makes them a bit oily and the affect after washing them is pretty different. I don't have tangles and the feeling is just more softer. If you wash your hair in the evening, not in the morning, I would suggest you apply it at least half an hour before. Another tip for getting long hot baths is that you can apply this product in your hair and use a hair elastic to secure it and just leave it, until you stop relaxing and then just wash it after. I do intend to put quite a lot of this product in my hair for affective use, but you don't have to. I think that even less than 10 drops is just fine.
After Washing My Hair
In this post you will figure that I do love hair oils, so right after my shower I intent to apply my favourite Balea Profesional Oil Repair Haarol, which smooths my hair and just softens them. I do that while I still have wet hair, because it is as well a great heat protector, and lately I love to finish them with a dryer, because then I don't have extreme curls and I feel more comfortable that way. 
Another thing that I couldn't live without would be a Dove Style+Care Mousse. It gives my hair structure, and a lot of volume, because I do have problems, because they are normally long, but heavy and there are a lot of them, so volume is always appreciated. 

This is basically what I always use on my hair, I hope it helps to some of you. 
Thank you for reading!

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