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Today's post was about to be of what I bought for my best friends, but because I haven't actually gave them presents yet, I had to do something else for today. So I was thinking and I realised that I haven't really told you about my trip to the other side of the country just to get my new little girl called Daisy. So, may I represent you the newest member of the family.

This is Daisy, she is a Greek tortoise and she was born in a lovely family with 11 sisters&brothers. She is only 3.5 cm long & comes from Ravne in Slovenia. Rosie & Daisy met two days ago and they immediately loved each other. But I spotted a big characteristic differences between them. Rosie is a very sleepy tortoise. She sleeps all day long and likes to sleep on a very soft surface. On the other hand, Daisy is a very hyper and likes to sleep wherever she feels, in the water, in her food, everywhere strange. Theres is no obstacle she couldn't get through and that makes her very stubborn. Another thing is that she eats all the time. She is exactly 1 year younger than her sister and she eats for three Rosies. Thats really weird, but Rosie doest really like to eat that much. The first thing that she did when we got home, was eat a whole Rosie's lunch. I think thats freaking adorable. They get along very well, as I said already. Rosie sleeps & Daisy is just walking on her and circling around her. I feel like they fit together better than anything. Oh, and Daisy is the only tortoise on the whole planet, who squeaks, when she is hungry or she wants to be cuddled. I have never seen anything like that in my entire life. She just begs for cuddles. Yesterday we were all playing in my bed and she came from one side o the bed to another in less than 20 seconds, and then they both fell asleep around my hands, because they both love warmth. Rosie is as well lighter than Daisy, but I figured that she will get lighter each year. Rosie was darker when I got her, and not that I like light colours more, but I got fascinated by it. Daisy hates bath, therefore she is ALWAYS dirty. She has a tone of mud on herself & as soon as I get it off her, she jumps in the muddy puddle again.  I think that getting Rosie a Daisy was the best decision :). Here are some more pictures from todays photoshooting. Enjoy :)

This is Rosie (the older one) with a ribbon.

Daisy, when she was sleeping after two hours of car driving.

Like I said, Daisy is being dirty all the time.

And Rose being clean & very sleepy.

There is nothing she can't do.

Both sisters together. iii <3

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