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Hello everybody & welcome back on my blog!

Today I sat down with a reason to tell you about clothes and basically my style & clothes everybody should have. 

My style depends on the way how I feel every morning. But I do like to wear quite girly outfits, and that is usually a pretty dress or maybe a cosy sweater with a nice collar or scarf. I like to combine this things with boots, since it's winter, but in summer I quite like to wear sandals and even all stars. I am a huge fan of all stars shoes, since I feel very comfortable in them. I have one million necklaces and bracelets, and that is just because I love to accessories. Here is a picture of my dresses and just a small part of my jewellery. 

My favourite store is Pull & Bear, and I must admit, that I don't shop in there as much as I did, because its easier for me to just go to H&M, because its closer. Therefore I shop in H&M the most and I do quite like it, but sometimes I find things I purchase with bad quality and thats why I buy more than I would normally, because I expect to wear it for like half of a year or maybe a year. The next store that is one of my favourites is definitely ZARA. I love everything about Zara clothes, they aren't that expensive for a good quality and they look amazing. I find myself wearing clothes, which I purchased like 5 or more years ago. I also love Topshop and Bershka. 

For shoes is my go-to store Mass, since I love buying Converse and Vans. I do buy shoes in Humanic, but if I am buying expensive shoes I always check and I am never disappointed. The fact that they sell from very crazy and unique to classic shoes its a win-win for me. And I shouldn't forget to mention that they sell like converse, which has great patterns and you should just check them out.

For jewellery, I buy a lot in H&M and I am very impressed by it, so I would suggest it to you. The next two stores are Accessories & Six. They sell some amazing pieces. And they are always unique, you know something, you wont see anywhere else. But to be honest I do wear a lot of expensive jewellery as well and mostly because they have this special meaning and I quite dig that. I remember when I was younger I wore like 5 necklaces at once, just because of their meaning. The same goes for rings, I wear them everyday and I have the same ring for years now, and I do think about getting a new go-to one, since the one I have now is broken. I wear a necklace from Lord Of The Rings - Arwen's necklace everyday with no exception. I used to wear a half of a heart necklace, which I shared with Jan, but since he's not wearing his part, it seemed pointless. But yeah, I couldn't dress up without any jewellery. I probably wear something small even if I go out for a run. Its crazy, I know.

I buy makeup in Mueller, because it is basically a shop where you can find every brand from cheap to expensive and since I combine many brands, I like that. I also have something small of a makeup from H&M and that is pretty much lipsticks, makeup bag & bronzer. 

This are my favourites and I shop here for quite some time now, and I would recommend them to you too. 

Now for pieces that everyone should buy, I already posted a blog and you can check it out. 
Okay, thank you for your time and I will see you guys tomorrow! ♡

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