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This show is about high school teenagers who share the same secret. They are bound to a circle of magic, friendship, love and mysteries. Unfortunately there has been filmed only series 1, and then it was canceled. Its quite interesting show. Personally I started watching it for female actresses in particularly for Shelley Hennig (Diana in the series) because of Teen Wolf & Phoebe Tonkin (Faye in the series) because I heard that she is a mega bitch in the series and thats just how I like it. I must say I was not let down for other roles as well. Everyone of them fitted perfectly for their role and it looks like that they had fun on the set, because everything feels just so natural. I must say I am also very keen of witch movies, don't ask me why and I thought that the story was great too.

My favourite 

I don't know what is up with me, but I always loved the series bitches, that kind that shows a bit of a heart as well, don't mistaken me. For example in Skins I loved Effy and Mini, in Misfits I loved Alisha and here I love Faye. I love the fact that she is the biggest bitch on the outside and a delicate flower on the inside. She is in love with Jake and she is very sensitive, because he has been the only one she ever loved and he likes Cassie. He also plays with Faye and that really makes her the way she is, always mean and sarcastic. I love her style, because she dresses so dark girly and adds a bit of sexiness to it. But I fell in love with her immediately I watched TSC bloopers, because she fell like 10 times. She once started running and she just fell on the street and she fell on the stairs and many more places. You should watch it, because its kinda funny, but also adorable if you are like me and find that funny.


She is the group mommy and daddy. She is the responsible one and always knows what is best for the group, she is also Cassie's half-sister and she is the first one, who discovered she has powers, because she found her mom's Book of Shadows. That is a good of family's spells and totems and their meanings. She is also in love with Adam, her boyfriend, who then falls in love with Cassie and the couple splits. She has a very caring father, but theres a catch, because he is wicked almost the whole season. Then in the end she falls in love with a Australian sailor and run away with him.


He first dates Diana, but then falls in love with Cassie, who they believe is his soul mate. Because his father told him that and he feels that special bond with her. But he dated Diana for so long it makes me surprised that they got over it that fast, because in real world it wouldn't be like that AT ALL. He is sensitive and he is kinda charming, because he always tells what he thinks and that is most of the time all nice things. But not in the end, because of the forgetting spell. There was a spell, which was going to forget about love to Cassie, but it only worked on him, not on Cassie, so it kind of ends sad, and if you aren't ready for sad endings, this is not for you.


The girl I've been talking a lot is Cassie. She is a leader of this whole pack, because she is strong and has dark magic. She has been in love with Adam from the moment she met him, despite of the fact that Diana dated him at that time. The whole series starts with the death of her mother Emilia. In my opinion she is a bit two faced. She can be pretty nice and then she can change to really mean and weird girl, which is kind of unusual for a lead role.


She is very sensitive the whole season, because her boyfriend Nick died, who was also a part of the circle. She is best friend with Faye and she is the one who always keeps her kind of out of trouble. But on the other way she is kinda unstable, because she takes death spirit, and its not cool. She is that one girl, who always thinks everyone deserves a second chance, which is kind of adorable.


Jake is apparently well know as a bad boy. Everyone is talking bad about him & even to him. He has a brother Nick, who died. They're both the special ones in the circle, because they lost BOTH of the parents in a fire, not just one as the rest of the group. Jake messes with Fay's head and is in love with Cassie, and Nick messes with Melissa.

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