sreda, 11. marec 2015


Yesterday was our 2years and a half anniversary. We went out for a cake to Zvezda and it was lovely, just wanted to share that with you. Haha, in my head it sounded important. Anyway, I couldn't write a single word yesterday because of time lacking. I feel like I started writing things for myself again, and I stopped publishing my deep posts, which has to stop haha. A lot of people are asking me why am I not posting daily anymore, and I am like... but I do. For me it's the same if I write and don't publish it, and I guess it's not the same for you. What a deep theory I got there, right haha. Anyway, to the point.. oh right.. I haven't planned this as being one of those important posts, so I didnt really prepared anything. You will just have to deal with the fact that I am having my English lesson in 5 minutes and I don't have much time for you, Sorry haha. This feels like one of those couples fights and issues now, Okay, talk to you guys later or maybe even tomorrow (I have History exam tomorrow, so I have to study today) 😘

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