ponedeljek, 16. marec 2015


Anja is here being a bitch. She is complaining why aren't there any pictures on my blog, basically pain in the ass, as usual. And PinaMaja is supporting this madness. Anyway I was going to talk about how much I hate school, which doesn't include the fact that I am super excited to go to Uni, but in general I hate Gimnazija Moste, it's a stupid school. People pretend to care about you, but then they just proove you that they dont give a single 💩 about you. Its kind of a complex relationship between students and professors. I don't know about your country, but in our is surely a pooped up system. We have free school and free Uni's. Basically everything is for free, even food, but teachers are just crazy in highschool. I think that they let you be more independent when you go to college. Or at least they don't care about you, you're more of a number.

Can we just talk about what is happening in Pakistan. Vatikan has officially allowed force to settle down what is happening to other-religious people. What must people think to kill so many people I wonder. I don't think I dare to write about that stuff, I just might get killed for it. 

Its stupid that I can't really publish my honest opinion.

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