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Hello everybody & welcome back on my blog!

Today I sat down to just have a quick chat with you. I dont know about 'quick', because I have quite a few stuff to tell you. Some are pretty cool, but the first one we NEED to discuss is definitely not pleasant.

I hope you already know that they broke up few weeks ago, otherwise I am terribly sorry if I just ruined your life. I was not ready to tell you all about it, because I was confused and I didnt know what really happened to it, but to be true this was such a devastating and heartbreaking for me since I grow up listening to them. And they got back together in 2009 after five years and basically that was the happiest thing that they reunited. And since they broke up once again, all I could think was WHAT THE HELL TOM DID THIS TIME?! And you can't really blame me for thinking that, since he caused this again. Tom was or is my favorite, because of his unique voice (not that I dont like Mark and Travis), it's just that he's a dickhead (sorry for my bad language). It is true that their new album was just not the same, but I didn't mind the change, as long as they are together and make music. Now after so much time waiting for new stuff, I am just sad and pissed off. I love Blink & I always will. I think that the fact that Tom went out to do non-musical stuff for himself and NOW HE HAS A NEW SOLO SONG OUT I..mean what the fuck? I mean its okay, song is good.. but think about it... That could literally be one of the many Blink 182 songs. I cant really talk with anybody about it, so I am sorry if I use bad words, but I have tried to hold my s**t together. Sorry. 

If you ask my friends I am kind of a neet person, I love my room to be so-so clean, but if you ask Jan or my mom, they will tell you that my room is messy. I mean what is the matter with this parents, that no matter what, they still see rooms dirty. I admit I have quite a few stuff, but they are well organized and in their place. If I have many clothes, its not my problem that I need a big wardrobe and many draws for school and stuff, OKAY?! I also have a thing for not throwing away things that means a lot to me. That is understandable. So, just leave me and my room alone.

Me and my dad never had a nice relationship. I never had a father-daughter relationship with anybody, so I decide I will not invite him to my matura prom. Here in Slovenia our parents has to come to our prom, yes I know, dont even try to mention the stupidity of it. But, I decided that since my dad doesn't even know to which grade I am going or what college I picked up or even that I am going to college.. he is not going. I invited my boyfriend, mom, her husband and my sister Ana (other siblings are too young to come). I know that this should not bother me, but it bothers me A LOT. Basically I am not sure what is one bad thing that could happen, but I am scared that with that decision I will hurt someone. I am 100% sure that it is the right decision for sure. 

As I grow up I listened a lot of Rock, Rap and Punk. I love it, I never felt happier than I do now. It feels like I don't care about anything when I listen to it but in the same time I care about how I feel when I listen to certain song. I know, I complicated this again, but I have more time for myself, I feel better, I am happier and I have better ideas and it makes me more productive and creative. While I am talking to you I have Love Is Dangerous on, so you can imagine the great era here. I am turning into Payton from One Tree Hill haha. There were some pretty sick songs and it made me remember how it is like being the old me. Thanks Payton. Basically I listen to Blink 182, The pretty reckless, Linkin Park, AVA and related.. I realised that The pretty reckless made a few great songs while I forgot they even exists. They have quite heavy music, but they have quite a few sick songs. You should totally check little Jenny out haha ;) #StillRememberingGG

Okay, talk to you tomorrow ✌️

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