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I am sure you all watched it, because it is nothing new out there. What, it came out like in 2013? I saw each episode in the exact date when it came out, but I don't remember blogging about it, which is kinda weird, since this is my area. I watched Skins million times and I know everything that is to know about it.

So, to begin with, lets talk about Cassie's part. I liked the plot actually, all about the story behind the camera really impressed me. But I must admit that as soon as the part, when she came home started, it became boring for me. I loved that little boy behind the camera. Not at first of course. At first he seemed creepy and a bit crazy. But the way he loved her was hard to understand for me. Because lets be hones, I don't really get that pure love. I know that two people can fall in love with each other and all that romantic stuff, but purity is something else. Its to die for.

My favourite Effy part was brilliant. It was really good. We all knew Effy was a complex character and we knew that its not going to end up well for her, but actually if you think differently, it actually did. You know that Effy smile, it means you don't know me at all and you never will. I miss Ef the most. But lets talk about Naomily. I love Naomi and Emily together, I am so happy that they got to stay for another (last) season. They actually broke my heart with Naomi. Because  she is such a strong character and I never expected such a horrible ending for her. OMG what about Dom. I love him. I think he is the sweetest thing that happened to Skins. 

"One thing I’ve learnt is that you should never look back, the past is dead and buried, you get nothing from living there, it’s all about today. but I’ve been having these dreams, in them nothing is real, nothing is solid; everything is fantasy, fucked. An illusion. In these dreams I’m a life that’s already gone by. Today means nothing, today is just a ghost that’s haunting me. I’m at the end of the world on the edge of things and I think about letting go. I think about falling. My name is James Cook, I did something once and my ghost won’t let me forget it. “

Cook. So not expected. I guess time really changes everyone. From a fuck everything personality I would have never expected this emotions and feelings from him. To admit it, I love Emma. Haha, I know, I am probably the only one, but Emma is so much realistic than Charlie. That is only my opinion, don't get mad. But I honestly think that Emma is so much more sweet and funny and cute. And that's how Skins should of ended, bravo.

You think you know death, but you don’t, not until you’ve seen it, really seen it. Then it gets under your skin and it lives inside you. You also think you know life, you stand on the edge of things and watch it go by but you’re not living it, not really. You’re just a tourist, a ghost, then you see it, really see it. Then it gets under your skin and lives inside you and there’s no escape. There’s nothing to be done and you know what, it’s good. It’s a good thing and that’s all I have to say about it.

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