sreda, 18. marec 2015


I don't know what to say. All I am really trying to do here is tell you that I really try to tell you some amazing stuff and make at least one of you happy or feeling inspired and I feel like I let you down recently. I dont have any nice things to say about my life or my life in general. I am working on changing that, but I just need someone who's going to tell me what to do and wont judge me. The last thing I need is judgmental people, who don't have a single clue of how being me really is. I miss having all the time in the world and the last couple of weeks were really productive and great.

I am going to see my doctor on Monday probably, because I have problems with my blood. I need to fix my allergies as well and I will probably change the doctor, because I don't live in Mengeš. And as much as I really love Mengeš, I hate it at the same time. I think that I love the city, because its my hometown, but I am always looking all around in case if I see someone & I guarantee you I would run back to Šiška if I saw him haha. I am acting like a child, but my life goal is not to ever see him haha. Its funny that even I find it stupid. Anyway, I will have to finish this blog for today, because I am soon going home from school. BYE :* ⭐️

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