četrtek, 02. april 2015


Yesterday was my prom night. In Slovenia, we probably have a different type of prom as you probably have and thats okay, because my prom was great. Surrounded with my favourite people and just pure fun. This post is actually dedicated to these people. I realised that I don't say it as often as I should, but I wouldn't have been here without my parents and not just them, I wouldn't be here without my whole family. They support my every step and even when its just shit (I am sorry) they are amazing. My mom can literally say all the right things in every situation to make me feel better, which I discovered yesterday, when struggling to go to prom. I would really like to post a few pictures of yesterday, so you will get a picture of how they actually look like.

& this happened. Excuse my crazy face, but I was having fun.

This is my sister Ana. Isn't she pretty?
I don't know what would you call it, but this is love to me. This is my mom and her husband.

And lastly, this is the reason that made me stay and have fun. This is not just my dancing partner, not just partner in crimes, but my lifetime partner. I can't honestly find words to express what a great time I had with him. Thank you for always comforting me and just being the best.

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