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As you can see by the title, this subject doesn't need any introduction. This is dedicated to all of you who have to study for finals, who doesn't get to have vacation for this week and are just exhausted. Maybe you're having one of those days, when everything seems pointless. But don't worry, I am here. I tried to study myself and my laziness for you and I found quite some ways to improve my studying, improve my energy and most importantly to de-stress

If you are like myself, stressed out for most of the time, you will find this very useful. Don't be ashamed, stress is something that most people face, but most of them don't find a solution for their stress. I must admit that my stress comes from studying, because I am not very fond of studying, and I always do things last second. But I think that in that moments of 'weakness' what helps the most is just to take time for yourself and do the following.

MAKE A CUP OF TEA or COFFEE. I love hot beverage, especially because I really enjoy a good smell, that tea provides for me. It is pure dose of pleasure for me. It might not work for you, but to me it does miracles. It is well-known that a good smell can fix any bad mood in a matter of seconds. So, I would definitely give it a try. I usually study for an hour and when I get tired of it I go and make a tea or coffee, and I do that basically overtime I study.

HOW TO DE-STRESS AFTER A BREAKUP? Don't even worry, my dear. There does not exist any breakup, that would be so horrible, the world would stop turning. If you want to know how to get better, read this piece I wrote long ago, when I was in a bad place. And don't worry, sadness never lasts forever. (Read this: BEFORE YOU I WAS FINE).

LISTEN TO YOUR FAVOURITE SONG. I hope that your favourite song is happy and reminds you of everything great that came with the title 'my favourite song'. Put your headphones on and turn the volume up. If you take that 5 or 10 minutes to feel better, then do it. It doesn't matter if you think you don't have time. There should always be a time to make yourself better.

CALL YOUR BEST FRIEND. There is a reason they are called best friends. They are the best on making you happy. Tell them that you need to hear something optimistic and inspiring. I guarantee you, they will make you smile. And that is the most important. To smile.

CLOTHES. This is more suitable for girls, but when I don't feel like studying a all I usually dress nicer and maybe do my nails to feel prettier. I know that this sounds stupid, but to be honest it is not stupid if it works. 

THINK. You need to realise that doing what you need to do will only help YOU. Nobody will do it for you and if you do it sooner yo will feel better sooner. It is as simple as that.

LET YOURSELF BE INSPIRED. I hate studying and I hate everything about school, so I need to find inspiration everywhere and almost everyday. But I am very easy inspired. I have this piece of paper, which says all that inspiring things about life and working. There are ways how to study better and effectively written on it and I DIG THAT!

PETS. I can't really know if you have a pet or what kind of a pet you have. But I have the most amazing dog and two adorable tortoises and they help me so much. If I don't have the energy to continue I just go out for a walk and to play with my amazing buddy Thor. I am obsessed with tortoises as well, so I get them out and play with them like 10 times a day. I swear no stress for me ever. That is probably the best way to reduce stress and every bad thoughts you are having. If you are feeling depressed or sad or just down, I swear you won't feel that way anymore.

Note: this is very important, nobody told me this things when I needed to hear that, when I was overly stressed and depressed and I wish they would, so I think that you need to know that if you are feeling way worse than you should, you need to find help. Even if you think you don't. I found myself stuck in a bad position when I thought it is stupid to tell anyone but end up hospitalised. Don't be afraid. There are people who help people like you everyday. And I have this informations on who you can turn if you are from Slovenia. I see there are loads of pages worldwide who provides help, but, for critical cases, when there is some kind of mental thing wrong with you, you can go to urgent psychiatric hospital on Njegoševa street or on Zaloška street where is a teenagers department. They will take you in immediately. I wrote this down just in case you need help.

STOP BEING SAD. I don't have quite a great past, but I can't really complain. I still have those painful reminders, when I pity myself for all the bad things that happened to me. But to be honest that is the worst you can do. Don't do that. There is a reason past is called past. You should encourage yourself for a great days ahead of you. 

So, the cure to reduce stress is to stop being sad and be happy :) !

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