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I must admit, I have never thought that I would have OR like tortoises. One day I just woke up and started searching cute turtles and tortoises pictures online and in few weeks it turned to a tortoise hunt. To be honest I think I got kinda obsessed with it. Like I googled so many species that I can honestly tell you all about every breed haha. yes, I know I am talking about a tortoises, but hey made my life so much more interesting and I can honestly say that I will never give this up, because they make me happy.

This is my little Daisy. This is a picture of the first day she came into our family. She is going to be in my life for at least 60 years.

First of all, they are super interesting. I always have to deal with overdose cuteness with every meal, every time we go outside, or when they are playing (yes they do play) or basically every time I get to spend my time with them. I remember myself studying their personalities when I first met them, and I can tell you about relationships they have with each other. Let me just tell you about the fact that they look boring and slow and just not the animal for an adventurous person. But they are. They took plenty of your time. I spend like at least a half of an hour just in the morning to prepare food for them and bath them and clean them. I take them outside with me and Thor and Jan almost everyday. They are not the right animal for you if you're just gonna put them in a box and don't take time for them. They get attached to people they trust, and thats not a joke. I had to deal with some serious untrusting when I adopted them. That means they run away from strangers and keep their head inside and just be crazy. They never bite, unless they mistake your hand for food, but their bite doest hurt, so you don't have to worry about that. If you take care of them properly, I don't think you have any problems at all. I read all the time online that tortoise is a pet for people, who don't have time for other pets and hate dirty work, I mean that is just crazy. I thought so too, but they almost take as much time as my buddy Thor and he is a German Boxer. I have to clean after them, because they aren't as clean as you imagine right now. They can get sick in a heartbeat. If they get sick, you are almost powerless, if they don't want to cooperate with you. Don't get me wrong, they are not a bad companion and there aren't just bad things with owning a tortoise, but I am trying to say that they are not just a piece of cake. 

A very dirty girl. It took me a few days to clean that off of her, because they are delicate and you have to be extra careful not to hurt them.

No matter how hard you try to arrange a perfect home for them, they will keep rearranging it their way and they will keep growing up. I have to get them a bigger home this summer, and I have them just a little longer than a year. My Sulcata tortoise will grow up to 1,5m. I know that is a lot. She is the third biggest specie in the planet and you can have smaller tortoise, of course, I just decided I want Sulcata, because I am in love with them. Greek tortoises don't grow so much, and they are super cute and easy to take care of. You know... I mean, you can feed them with normal things or just put them outside and let hem eat dandelions, and they will be perfectly happy with it. 

They need to hydrate. They don't need water 3 times a day, but I like to give them warm baths in the mornings or at least 5 times a week, if I don't think they really need it. I have two different lighting bulbs in my terrarium. I can't wait for the day, I move out of my parents home and put them in a lovely garden, but until that day, they need a heat bulb and an UV B bulb (which nurtures their shell). 

This is the first picture of Camellia, when I brought her home. She looks all better now, she is super fast and not scared and just a perfect Sulcata.

I love my tortoises, they are so funny when they sneeze and they are so funny when they try to take food on the other side of their home. When they trust you, they will go to you when they see you and will climb on your hand and just give you the love. I put them in my bed and watch them explore 'a whole new world' and I used to take naps with them. I have major problems with sleeping and they basically help me take afternoon naps or fall asleep. My dog gets along with them great, I give them to him and he takes care nobody hurts them, he sleeps normally with them he would just never hurt them, so that is a plus. 

This is Rosie.
She was extremely sick, she didn't want to eat and stopped walking.

Thor and Camellia chilling together. They are like best friends.

They look so small on my bed. But they love to explore new places. They are always together. Daisy and Camellia are like best friends.

Bath time. The vet advised me to bath them in warm water, so here is a good tip.

They sleep in the most adorable way ever. The are both adorable. he cutest thing is that they are ALWAYS TOGETHER. They never separate.

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