nedelja, 28. junij 2015

MISSING EX boyfriend

Disclaimer: Bad language

"No matter what you say, you will never forget your first love."

This is just something I read a few days ago and I decided I should tell you my opinion on it, since I was thinking a lot about it. It bothers me that people post this quotes online, which makes people think about sad times. I can totally say for myself that I would be much happier if I wouldn't read all that shit online, that is sad and depressed. But I can't really help it, since all of us spend a lot time online, it's not like I can pretend I don't see it.  

It is pretty obvious that you wont forget your first love, or crush. You will always remember things that happened in your life, good or bad, so I guess this quote is a bit stupid, but I think it was meant to say that no matter who you date, it wont be the same as your first love. No matter what, you will still miss them. I am here to tell you that that is false. If you are in love, if you love somebody, then you don't feel anything for anybody else, because you are so busy trying to give them everything. Don't try to convince me that you can miss your ex and be in love with your current boyfriend. No. I believe that at some point you can get confused, when something goes wrong, because feelings are just feelings. You can't really control those, but that is just a confusion that passes in no time.

Here is a good advice: If you think about your ex boyfriend, when you're dating someone else, for a long period of time, you are clearly in a wrong relationship and you should end it sooner or later. Better sooner.

I get it - there are hard times in every relationship and you get confused, but when it gets better, you shouldn't be confused anymore. You owe your honesty to your current boy/girl, the one who is there for you, who probably loves you and you will clearly break their heart. You can deny it, you can just let it be like this, but it won't work. If you think a lot about your ex, you are clearly not over it, face it. 
And NO, it's not okay to think about someone else, when you're having sex. I studied this topic, I searched for quite a few opinions on this, because I really disagree with it and everyone is saying that it is perfectly natural to sleep with your boyfriend and think about your ex, "it happens to everyone" apparently. It doesn't happen to people who are crazy in love, I can tell you this, because I know.

I think that you really should see what you have and if it's not good enough for you than you should end it. I am slowly realizing that life is actually not that complicated. But surely you can make it complicated, but I think it's easier if you make it simple. It is really not that hard. Yes, I know that I am really not a good example, but am really trying to sort stuff out this days. I have been thinking about one particular person from my past and I realized that it only fucks your head. Don't do that. Forget the people who hurt you, choose to forget and try to be happy. Some people really appreciate you just the way you are. 

I just wanted to tell you my opinion on it, because I know that a few of you struggle with bad breakups, new relationships and just being young and confused and thats okay. No matter how hard it gets, you have to do the right thing. Thats it, now I will go to sleep, because I am already late for 40 minutes. ;*

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